Something that my husband and I have implemented in our ministry and in our lives is something we call “Celebrate the Wins.” This is where we sit back and take a moment to reflect on everything and to celebrate some of the amazing things that God is doing in the student ministry.

We have come to realize that often times in ministry we focus on what goes wrong, what we need to improve, and where our shortcomings lie. Is it wrong to look at what we need to improve? Not at all! That is a necessary step for growth. But what we have come to realize is that we have a very skewed view if we only look at the negative things without taking time to enjoy all of the positive.

We “Celebrate the Wins” when we have a youth event and no one gets lost or injured (hah). We “Celebrate the Wins” when leaders and/or students go above and beyond the call of duty and catch the vision of ministry. We “Celebrate the Wins” when a student makes a life changing decision for Jesus. It doesn’t matter whether it is small or big in our eyes, each win is worth taking the time to celebrate. Each win helps us put into perspective that what we are doing really matters. Each win gives us the drive to continue striving to be better leaders for students.

This past Sunday, we had the privilege of baptizing five of our students in water. Knowing their backgrounds and their stories, where they have come from and how they are growing into mature Christ-followers, we took the time to sit back and “Celebrate the Win.”

Five different students making an outward declaration of their inward decision to follow Christ and make Him the Lord and Savior of their lives.

If that isn’t worth celebrating, I don’t know what is.

Do you take the time to “Celebrate the Wins” of your life and your youth ministry? If you don’t, I encourage you to start taking time regularly to sit back and enjoy the things that God is doing in and through the students under your care.